Keep on Fighting

From my City of Zombies draft..

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“Son of a Bitch!  I can’t believe I’m back in a god damn frickn box.  Oh my God, let me the hell out of here!”  Erik continued while he banged upon the iron door that sat in from of him.  Erik paused to take a breath.

“Brother, keep on fighting.  You are worth more alive then dead.”  A familiar voice echoed from behind him.  That sweet Caribbean juxtaposition of French and Spanish calmed him immediately.  “Jean, my God it’s nice to hear your voice.”  Erik said as he look behind him within the darkness.  Behind him he only saw a pair of glowing globes floating just below his chest.  “What the hell!”  Erik stepped backward and fell upon the floor.  Beneath him he felt the scale and slime that was the sirens tail.  “What the fuck!”  The pair of green eyes approached within the darkness.  “Stay the hell where your…

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