Thinking out loud

Vampire Maman

Last night there was a rap rap rapping on my door.

My husband answered it.

A pale man in black clothing stood, brooding, pale, cold, deathly still.

“You look like a Vampire,” said my husband Teddy.

“I am a Vampire,” said the man.

“So am I Matthew,” said my husband, “but I don’t look like such a fright. You’ll starve to death scaring people off when you walk around like a phantom.”

“I met a woman.”

“Is she a Vampire?”

“Yes. She calls me Matt.”


“Do you have time? Time to talk?”

“Sure, of course,” said Teddy and took Matthew out to the back deck where the night air has started to turn cool. They sat on the comfortable chairs under that stars among the flowers, the cats rubbing against their feet. It is a calming space. But anyway, it doesn’t matter about the flowers or cats right now…

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  1. Thank you for the share.

    1. kingsboro2008 says:

      no problem… I need to find more bloggers that I like as much as you

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