Cloud 9

I want to get small and transparent.
Ok, now I want to walk across the wing of this airplane but the wind makes it difficult to walk. It goes over the wing and tries to take out my feet. I’ve made it to the edge of the wing. I am about to dive into the clouds. I want to have substance but only enough to allow me to climb on top of the clouds. I’m ready to jump. No! stop!
Timing is everything. I almost jumped into a cloudless hole. I must time my jump and landing around only landing safely. I’ll go and jump into that cloud depression ahead of me. It looks like a round lake of air. Alright, I’m jumping. I want to be heavier till I reach the cloud so I’ll land precisely. I’m falling straight down and in the center of the cloud lake. I want to be light again like before.
A poof of cloud and I land dead center.
The momentum of the plane’s speed has me rolling. The edge of the could lake has stopped me. Wow! that was amazing
I’m now standing on the cloud, inside the lake. I can see the cloud mountains and plains. First, though I must figure out how to climb out of the cloud lake. Will the sides be too soft for me to climb? No, they should not be because I am walking and jumping up and down now. It seems to be solid. I am going to try it. I approach the cloud wall it is as tall as my chest. I reach out to the top it and grab hold. It is solid, but very moist. If the cloud is moist my clothing must be also. My t-shirt and pants were wet like I had just been rained on.
Ha, ha, I hit the rain before it hit me. Anyways, I pulled myself over the cloud wall. I wiggled on my chest till my feet were over. Wow! this is just amazing. It’s kind of cool up here.
I’m walking across these clouds like I would the ground. Except the ground has less to trip on. Little could, spikes up, and it has tripped me a couple times. A 747 was passing the last time I tripped. I bet they got a good laugh, after their amazement, or course. When I trip it doesn’t hurt. It only gets me wet again.
In front of me is the hills and add mountains of cloud 9. I obviously got that from the old cliche, “Walking on Cloud 9” but don’t it fit the adventure. My target is a could mountain shaped like a round ball. It isn’t smooth, nor totally round. Just roundish, I guess. But first I must climb these hills in front first. The first hill is easy to climb. I just walked up it. Scanning the next one, it is shaped like a long ridge, or easier described as a wave. A cloud wave. I’ll be the first to surf this wave. I trotted quickly down the easy hill and to the bottom of the could wave. This is a cloud wave, with even a wave tube. How do I surf this wave, because the cloud wave doesn’t move like a water wave would? This took several minutes till I came up with an idea. I’d have to motorize my board… with … air. Yes, I want a surfboard that propels itself with air.
The Creator is very good at delivering exactly what I want. He created a light blue board, looks like the sky, and on the back is a vent for propelling the air. I imagine when I get on it… it will start… and it did.
It began slow so I could develop my balance and steering. I then steered it toward the could wave. I was now surfing and cloud 9 and it was thrilling. I surfed up and down the wave tube. A few times I even rode on top of the wave. As I approached the tube my surfboard began to shake.
I came to the edge of the tube and my board flipped over. I fell off the wave. I wanted to know why and my answer dropped quickly. I watched my board go into the tube. Everything seemed fine till the board dropped and disappeared.
I was… I don’t know… astounded and had to know what happened. So I got to my feet and climbed into the cloud tube. Nothing seems to be add, till I saw it. It was a hole, a hole in the cloud tube. I looked down and saw my board. Falling toward earth. The board… No… the Creator saved me. He was the one who knocked my off. I guess I owe him another three months of service. I then abolished my surfboard and climbed out of the tube. This has been a fun adventure, but, I’m glad I didn’t go into that tube. That would not of been worth fifteen years of service to the Creator.
Actually, it may have been longer since he has saved me many other times.
I dry myself, because I fell from the surfboard and begin to climb the cloud wave. It’s not extremely difficult but it is a little slippery. I walk diagonally up the wave carefully placing one foot in front of the other side of the wave and see a cloud chasm about 300 meters wide and almost the length of the cloud long.
“What now?” I ask myself. this is the toughest hurdle I’ve encountered yet.
I sat on the could wave for, what seemed like, forever. Trying to find the best direction to go. I could trek around the chasm and hope I don’t fall off the small walking space on this wave. Or, I could jump into the chasm and climb up the other side. The thought of flying over the chasm interests me for a second, but, where’s the adventure in that?
I don’t know…
All three options fade in and out. One, two or three… Well… definitely, not three and I threw that out. What about one?
Well… walking across this wave seems challenging, but what if I fall into the chasm? I may break my ankle or leg because I wasn’t ready. I decided to jump into the chasm and climb up the other side. If I jump now I can control my speed and direction eliminating the risk of injury.
— this story isn’t perfect but I found it in a journal of mine and wanted a record of it. I hope to change it and correct it someday but at least now I can have a digital record. 🙂

2 responses to “Cloud 9”

  1. I’m going to try to find time to edit and expand. The is an old story i found in a journal.

  2. More please. Good story telling! Thanks!

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