A pair of poems from a military deployment

Fading Flame

Why is love too much for a man to handle

Why do I extinguish it like the flame on a candle

What’s so hard about telling her what I feel

Why do I want a heart that other men may steal

Will the one I love be willing to love me?

What is this mind trap that will not let me free

What internal mechanism hold me

Why can’t I see

She can love a man like me?

The Birds

As I watch mechanical birds in the sky

I sit and watch and wonder as they speed by

What if one day they can’t fly

What if one day they don’t rule the sky

What would be the world if the birds didn’t fly now

If all these birds they didn’t know how

It would be harder indeed

It would leave nothing easy for me

The birds will be flying from now till then

They will be from now till past my end.

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