My Angel in the Sky

I seen my angel in the sky

Bright blue sparkle in her eyes

Seeing within her an Amazing Grace

To brighten up my grey face

I once had love upon my heart

Till from this world she did part

Eyes that sparked, hair that glowed

and Love to me that always showed

I hate the man who took her from me

I wish I’d been there, I wish I could of…

Then I would of stopped him.  Yes, I would of…

Then my angel in the sky

With that sparkle in her eye

Looked upon my face

And started to sing Amazing Grace

Then she looked to my departed

And upon her face a smile started

The angel faded but pointed downward

And she disappeared as I looked onward

To my loved ones face of grey.

Her eyes were open and she did say

“I can see the sparkle in your eye.”

I replied, “I got it from the Angel in the Sky.”

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