First Street

Erik drove the Mustang slowly though the city.  The towering steel and glass structures of a post apocalyptic city stared down at him.  The dead walked around the car for the most part uninterested in the noise that didn’t smell like food.  It still took a long time to move through and it was approaching evening by the time they had reached the last 12-story building.  

“Grandma Ann lives on First street.  Last house on the left,” said Kali with a smile.

“Of course, last house on the left,” Erik snapped, “it couldn’t be first house right the hell in front of me!  I need a beer.”  He then reached into his duffel bag and fumbled around till he found one.  He opened the warm can and drank it quickly.  He then opened the window and hit a passing teenage prom queen with the can.  The zombie growled and began toward them but Erik drove away and turned right onto First. 

The street began at the base of a large hill

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