Peering through the windows of the garage Kali could see it was dark.  A fluorescent light flickered highlighting a shadow.  The shadow paced in front of the garage door. “Where did they go,” said one voice speaking to others somewhere outside.  Kali could hear the muffled whispers of other people talking and walking on the tin roof of the garage.
“We have to find them, Aaron is already pissed we wasted another day getting off on zombie blood, said another as he approached the shadow in front of the garage.  “They gotta be in the garage,” insisted the first shadow.  Kali’s heart jumped but the other seemed to dismiss it.  “No, they would of broke into the house first.  We check that.”  Kali watched both shadows move away from the garage door.  She could then hear them upon the roof of the house.  The windows on the second-story were unblocked.  Kali heard the windows break.  They entered the house then screams escaped into night air.  Chills raced throughout Kali’s body and she fell to the cold concrete floor. She looked over to Erik but he was completely unconscious.  Another situation left to deal with alone.  Laughter erupted after the screaming.  A chilling realization that these creatures didn’t care.  Kali stepped forward and stood under the light of the moon.  Her forehead barely reached the high windows on the garage door but she could see the vampire walking upon the roof of the house.  A pair of vampire paced outside the busted second-story windows as more screams erupted.  Kali looked over to see Erik stirring but didn’t wake.   The nurse still lay staring at Kali with her infected gaze.  with hopes that Erik heard the commotion but he was still asleep and the nurse still lay bloody on the concrete floor. Kali looked out the window again only to crouch quickly when a figure leapt up to look in from the other side. “Hopefully,” she thought, “he didn’t see her.”
“Hey, guys I think I found her,” said the young voice to the others on the roof.
“Doesn’t matter, ” said one of the others, “we have fresh meals all in this house. Tony says its a safe house. Let’s go.”
“..but guys,” the young voice protested.
“Come on, dumbass. If you did find her they won’t go very far. Their stuck in a garage.”
“Fine but its your ass.” Kali watched as a young man, not too much older then her leapt from the ground and onto the first-story roof of the house. He then disappeared threw the broken window. The others followed and Kali had to wake Erik.

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