Zombie suicide can be done in many ways.  Erik decided he was going to fight to the death.  He paid the guards outside of Kingsboro a thousand dollars each and drove through the barricade.  Inside his old Mustang sat a 12-pack of beer, a stack of hooked chains and a baseball bat his father had given him in 1978.  He tore open the box that held the beer and opened the first can.  The infected zone was a mile ahead of him and he figured he could get in 2 to 3 beers before he met his first zombie.  He drank not because it was his last day on earth but because the beer soothed him.

Erik’s situation was not unique, alcoholism shot up after the infection began in Kingsboro.  The feeling of dread got most but Erik’s alcoholism started a long time ago.  His family had long since abandoned him, well except for his father.  His father stood behind him until his death nearly a week ago.  The final straw that tore the sanity from Erik’s long wavering psyche.

The infection raced through Kingsboro two months ago.  It started at a research office park then spread to the hospital.  Once at the hospital the infection spread though out the death and destruction that it brought.  The victims fell then rose minutes later.  The zombie infection was quick and took over the small city within a week.  The Federal government set up the parameter in a successful attempt to contain it.  The suicides began almost immediately.  A few federal guards with a need for cash made it a booming black market business.  The cause of the infection was never discovered but Erik was going to stumble into something he and the rest of the world would never forget.

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