The brakes of the train screamed as the conductor pressed forward on the valve turning on the air brakes. He pressed against the side of the metal cab as the friction from the brakes attempted to hold the train from moving forward. His presence in this world solidified by his effort to stop the train. Above his head and swinging wildly was a thin leather strap attached to the train whistle. The conductor captured the strap and pulled. From above the train the whistle whined loudly. The 130 decibel alarm clock shook the engineer sitting within his car. The chains restraining the sunken man, head down upon his chest, clanged loudly as they expanded to fill the floor of the car. Two large reptilian wings burst from behind him only to be restrained by the small width of the car. A tail grew from beneath him and mingled with the chains as the engineer looked up. His eyes red as flames and his face straining to hold off the conversion. Scales began to slip from his skin and fold upon each other till no resemblance of human skin remained. He then screamed as the pain overcame him and his face and head extended forward and back. When it was finished the engineer pushed out a ball of flame which engulfed the top corner of the car. He then stood, his height increased three-fold. His elongated neck and shoulders pressed against the top of the car. Another breath and the rear ceiling of the car was cindered oak strips. The engineer crawled forward on his new formed reptilian legs and jumped upward through the weakened ceiling strips into the darkness of the world above.

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