Here is the thing. I am stuck. This story is just stuck in the mud. I wrote the crap out of it.. It so did not take the path I intended. I also publish at and I just re-wrote the beginning as several snippets of some of this crap I wrote. I am really not happy because I had set out an outline of events.. I did everything I was suppose to do to write a book and it fell apart because what my fingers wanted and my head wanted were two different things. I want to do two different things here. Write a story, within a new deadly world which includes some of my favorite old mythology monsters and also tell a story about a guy who lost his love and has to fight to get it back. Now I have a new problem.. well maybe not. I was going to make my character a cop but maybe I can tweak that. They are in the middle of a war with the flying creatures.. ie Banshees, Flying Icarus-winged creatures that I call angels and whatever else I can think of that may fly.. vampires? So what is this character is a soldier who is in a battle and see’s this woman that looks familiar to him. He dreams of her but is not convinced that he knows her. Maybe its because he has seen her a couple times. The complication comes it when trying to figure out how they meet… My initial idea being that this ‘cop’ investigates incidences within this strange new world and somehow runs into her. I guess it can work too because life moves on whether at war or not. I just wish it was as easy as that one story I wrote.. which by the way is sitting doing nothing.. note to self… That was like a steam train and I completed that in 30+ days.

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