Zombie suicide can be done in many ways.  Erik decided he was going to fight to the death.  At 5:00 he approached the gate of the old city.  He paid the guards outside a thousand dollars each and drove through the barricade.  Inside the walls of this old city held his last hopes of a heroic death.  Why, a heroic death?  Erik figured it was better then just disappearing into a world that didn’t want him.

His father’s old Mustang would serve as a good transport vehicle.  It never gave up on his father and he didn’t expect it to give up on him.  In the passenger seat sat a 12-pack of beer, a stack of chains and a baseball bat.  He tore open the box that held the beer and opened the first can.  As he finished each can of beer he threw it from the open driver’s window.  By the time he reached the first stalled vehicle he had downed four beers one after the other.  He felt nothing yet but that was because he had drunk them so fast.  He did start to feel braver and the doubts in his head began to go away.

Something moved outside but disappeared behind an Oldsmobile before Erik could identify it.  His gut tightened and the hair on his arms stood.  The stalled traffic sat on the old highway, several years of overgrown grass and weeds began to inch up the sides of many of the vehicles.  Soon it was too crowded to drive any further into the city.  Erik drove into the median, which was overgrown with grass and weeds.  He had no clue whether anything or anyone sat within it.  Luckily, is was empty and relatively flat.  Erik punched the accelerator once he was clear of the median.  He spun the tires and threw rocks and dirt into the air.  The thrill raced through him till he almost lost control of the Mustang.  With an increase in blood pressure came a quick buzz swirling in his head. Suddenly, from somewhere outside a deer crashed onto the hood of his Mustang.  The windshield cracked and spidered-out, the hood bowed downward.  Erik struggled to keep the Mustang on the road until it hit a truck hard forcing it off the highway.  Erik managed to avoid any injury and sat pale-faced, in the drivers seat.  His father’s car wrecked.  The deer’s head lay near the drivers-side and feet hung off the passenger-side.  The deer struggled to stand but its legs were all broken.  Erik sat in the car, fuming.

Erik grabbed the baseball bat, it was an aluminum master of the Home Run.  Erik was still the reigning high school champ in nearby Lenin county.  He stepped from the Mustang and closed the driver’s door.  The deer bayed loudly, struggled, but still couldn’t move.  Erik walked around to the front of the Mustang, its hood was pushed in and it couldn’t be fixed.  Erik growled in anger and swung once with the bat.  He hit the deer on the side of the head breaking its neck and ending its struggle.  Someone or something growled behind him.  Erik turned quickly to see a beautiful 40 year old woman stumble toward him.  She wore a pair of strappy pumps with the heels broke off.  Her face was red with blood and her nose was flat against the right side of her face.  Erik stepped away from the deer slowly watching this woman walk like she was in a trance.  The woman had her eyes locked on the deer carcass left on the Mustang.

The woman, a zombie, grabbed the deer and ripped open its guts.  She buried her face inside the deer’s gut and chewed through the warm meat.  With the zombie distracted Erik felt no threat from her.  He went back to the driver’s door and grabbed his backpack sitting in the back seat.  He also grabbed the rest of his beer and a small pistol he had hid under the driver’s seat.

His beer buzz was gone so Erik placed the box of beer on the back of the Mustang.  He opened another beer and watched the zombie eat at the deer.  She tore at it like a lion to prey.  It was a weird scene to watch as Erik thought about the devolution of the human race.  The strange infection that erased thousands of years of advancement.

Erik’s suicide bravado had disappeared.  He was second-guessing this whole zombie suicide affair.  The idea of going out like a soldier was bad but he was in a deep load of crap now.  The city was walled off completely but the worse part about it was he still didn’t want to get out.  A second zombie appear from behind the truck Erik hit.  It was a young man, maybe 18.  The smell of blood and meat pulled him toward the deer but it eyed Erik for a long moment.

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