“What the hell is wrong with you, man?”  Mitch stood over a large bald man.  The bald man lay on his chest with his face buried in dirt on the cave floor.
“He was trying to eat me,” Kyle protested as he slid a small pistol into his over-sized coat pocket.
“You idiot… Mitch shouted.  “…he was talking.  Have you ever seen a zombie talk?”
Suddenly realizing his mistake Kyle stammered…”Son..of..a..bitch..”
Mitch smacked him hard on the back of the head. Kyle turned instinctively and swung.  Mitch dodged the blow but tripped over his feet.  He fell onto the cave floor.  A cloud of dirt rose and enveloped Mitch.
“Stupid ass… I told you not to hit me on the head anymore” Kyle cursed.

Mitch and Kyle had found this cave just hours before.  Prior to that they had fought through the city of Kingsboro then climbed the Grey Mountains to find some peace in an undead chaos.  The problem was that Mitch and Kyle could barely stand each other.  Mitch was a former college graduate with a ‘better then you’ complex and Kyle was a car mechanic with an attitude.  They were reluctant companions but made a pretty good team when it came to survival.

Mitch stood slowly; his 42 year old body was tired and wore out.  Dirt from the cave clung to his face like an instant tan.  As soon as Mitch was able he rushed Kyle and both men tumbled over the body of the bald man.  The two men traded blows as they rolled over the dirt floor of the cave.  The dust from the tussle filled the interior of the cave.  Kyle placed his left hand upon the dead man’s leg as he dodged a kick to the head.  Mitch scooted back away from Kyle to plan his next move.  Below Kyle’s hand the dead man’s leg jerked.  Kyle jumped, removing his hand.
“What the hell was that…? “Mitch asked as visibility in the cave was less then arm length.
“Shut up.” Kyle shouted, “The idiot I shot is rising again.”

“You have got to be kidding me, “Mitch said.


The new zombie shuffled somewhere in the cave.  The dust began to settle but the men could only see a shadow of the bald man Kyle had recently shot.  Its blood-thirst already raging the zombie quickly managed to move near Mitch.  Mitch was unsure whether it was Kyle or the zombie and nearly lost his life when the zombie thrust forward.  Mitch stepped back instinctively protecting himself with his hands.  The zombie grabbed Mitch’s hands and pulled Mitch toward him.  Kyle kicked the zombie and it stumbled into the cave wall.  Mitch followed, the zombie’s grip only tightened.  Mitch managed to stand as the zombie fell sideways.  The zombie held tightly to Mitch’s hands its head dangled near Mitch’s ankles.  Mitch knew if he dropped the zombie it could pull him forward but if he held it up it could bite into one of his ankles.

“Damnit”, Mitch shouted.  “I can’t hold him up all day, do something Kyle.”

Kyle pulled the gun from his coat jacket and fired three rounds into the zombie’s chest.  The zombie released his grip but not before a bullet ricocheted into Mitch’s thigh.  Mitch screamed but managed to scoot away from the zombie.  Kyle placed the pistol upon the zombie’s forehead and shot a final time.  The bullet sank into the softer floor of the cave and the zombie stopped moving for the final time.

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    • It started out with the two guys arguing and then I started thinking it would be great to have these two try to survive something terrifying while they fought.

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