I have struggled a great deal to outline this monster book.  It has become a monster book because I have so much material.   Today, thanks to the help of my awesome friends I am going to start my journey again into Kingsboro.  The big part of this that I kept ignoring is the Intro.  I wanted so much to just tell the best part of the story.  I ignored the basic principles of storytelling.  There is no way someone is just going to jump on in without knowing who these characters are.

Intro: The world has changed.  God has sent a message to Earth in the form of two fist-sized black stones nicknamed Creator stones.  These stones last saw Earth when a young man named Adam walked the Earth.  A curious by-pedal creature with round gentle eyes and a curious tenacity for everything around him.  These stones helped shape the known world into what it is as of two years ago.

The stones shown them-self, one then the other.  The first was found in RockAway, New York.  The stone was found tucked away under a bench on the beach after a storm.  It was found by a New York cop.  The second stone was unburied from its ancestral home under a long dead tree in Iraq.

Outline starts now…lol

1. Cop finds stone.  Tries to revive wife.  Wife is undead and thristy.  Cop is devastated and runs.  Outside New York city he cries and enbraces the stone.  He creates a daughter but she is not human.

2. Create an Iraq story

3. The cop lets go off the stone and moves to Michigan.  Him and his daughter live normal lives in an increasing abnormal time.  The stones create chaos throughout the world but its outside of there sphere of concern

4. Monsters begin to become collected and housed in former prisons.  Cop becomes a prison guard.

5. Someone with a grudge gets Cops daughter thrown into prison for being a monster.

6. Cop saves her.

7. I want a second story about someone in Iraq.


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