Five-minute Freakously Fast Free writing thoughts about stuff. Part II

… Last time Kyle kicked a new zombie and pissed it off. 

A pissed off zombie is similar to a train charging toward a station, but a zombie that has a hemorrhage from a swift kick to the temple is like a train off the track.  The zombie rushed Kyle.  It jumped from the lying position to its toes in seconds but it then veered off into a stone wall on the right.  Mitch and Kyle watched as the zombie stood again, its face bloodied.  It didn’t seem to have to energy to charge again and it fell forward and its face bounced off the dirt floor of the cave. 

“Let’s go, asshole, ” Mitch said as he stood slowly.  His face looked like it had been in a dirt grinder.

“What happened to your face?” Kyle asked with a smile. 

“Shut up, asshole.”

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