“Where do you want to go?” Mitch asked as he rubbed the raw hamburger that was his face. 

“I don’t know, these maggot-ridden meat sticks are everywhere outside but if we go deeper into the cave we are likely to survive a little longer.”

“How are we going to survive down there.”  The darkness scared Mitch but the thought of becoming a meat stick himself frightened the crap out of him. 

“I don’t know,” Kyle leaned against the cold dark stone wall of the cave, “We can either wander around outside like some Gypsies hoping we make it through the night or sit in here like a couple of cavemen and just set traps in the cave opening.  I for one could use a good nights sleep.” 

“True, but how are we going to setup traps, I’m no Macguver.” 

“I know your an idiot but I can figure out something.” 

“Shut up, I’d rather be an idiot then a complete ass all the time.” 

Kyle laughed and both men began to plan out some crude but effective ways to block off the cave entrance. 

Outside the cave few zombies wandered.  They mainly stuck around the city, which was several miles away.  Mitch and Kyle first took turns beating the crap out of the hemorraging zombie till it stopped moving all together.  They dragged it outside the cave entrance and kicked it down the incline toward the forest below.  They watched as it hit tree after tree till it disappeared within the brush. 

“Fucker!” Mitch yelled with quite a bit a satisfaction as he again rubbed his face.  Kyle and him then began to collect sticks of varied sizes and place them within the entrance to build a crude stick maze.  This maze went from the floor to about six-foot, the height of Kyle with his arms outstretched.  Once done both men made sure they could navigate through it without trouble.  Zombies of course would not be able too since they could not bend or turn very well.  They could of course push straight through it but the theory was it would make enough noise to wake them from there slumber.

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