This girl didn’t need to be here, he thought and was determined to take her to the gate.  

The Mustang’s engine roared as he passed the last couple of wrecked cars on its way back to the gate.  The rescued girl stopped screaming and was now just sobbing.  Erik wanted to offer her something but only had little food in his bag and a half-drunk pack of beer.  

“Do you want a beer?” Erik asked.  The girl stared at him through her tear-soaked eyes then put her head down and covered her face with her hands.  “Sorry, couldn’t think of anything else to say.”  

The gate approached quickly and immediately Erik noticed the high-powered automatic weapons on top of the wall.   They jerked and then pointed themselves at Erik, the girl, and the car.  Erik drove quickly until warning shots whipped  just over the windshield.  Erik stomped on the brake and stopped the car.   


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