“This little girl had blue eyes and fear on her face. For the moment, Erik’s desire to end his life stopped. All thoughts of that disappeared till he could figure out how to get this girl out and why she sat in the car to begin with.”

 The zombies banged on the driver’s-side windows till the window in the front burst.  The zombie scrambled to fit through the window.  It was halfway through the window when Erik suddenly opened the passenger front door. Erik  screamed to get their attention.  Both zombies stopped, for a moment then the zombie in the back of the Prius lept forward toward Erik.  Erik closed the door and opened the back door.  He grabbed the girl by the shirt and pulled her out of the car.  

“Run,” he said to the stunned girl as she fell behind him but she sat like a stone.  

“What is wrong with you.”  A zombie grabbed his shoulder.  The grip was overwhelming.  The muscles in his shoulder screamed.  To look into the eyes of a zombie is to look into hell itself, he thought as this beast opened his extended jaw.  Erik spun and broke the grip of the zombie and grabbed the girl by the hand.  He circled around the zombie as it watched.  Erik headed for the Mustang but it sat on the other side of the Prius.  The zombie that had busted the window would be there.  The girl saw it first and stopped immediately.  Erik crept forward not realizing he had lost her behind him.  This zombie stood a foot taller then him and was dressed in a suit and pink tie.  

“A pink tie?”  He thought as father’s day gifts ran quickly through his head.  Erik crept slowly around a burned out truck and watched as the zombie followed.  He crept a little further then realized the girl was gone.  He looked behind him and she stood like a statue in the middle of Michigan avenue.  The other zombie, the one with the death grip, walked slowly up to her.  

“What are you doing, you stupid girl?”  I really don’t give a damn if your scared move!”  The girl stood, her eyes shifting wildly.  “Its going to get you, move!” Erik pleaded.  The girl’s eyes suddenly got bigger and Erik spun around. The zombie with the pink tie stood within a foot of him.  Erik ran toward the Mustang.  Leapt for the pistol in the passenger seat.  He turned.  He fired and missed.  The girl screamed. Ran toward Erik as he fired another shot.  The shot hit the zombie just over its left eye.  It fell immediately.  The girl sobbed.  Erik ran to her, grabbed her and placed her into the passenger seat of the Mustang.  The girl screamed but she stayed in the car.  Erik raced to the drivers seat, shooting the other Prius zombie in the head as he did so.  The Mustang roared as Erik hit the gas and turned the car around.  This girl didn’t need to be here, he thought and was determined to take her to the gate. 

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