The first indication that you are approaching a zombie-infested area in the city is not the smell but the birds.  The monstrous,  black vultures hover over the city like guards patrolling a prison.  Kingboro always had these birds.  You could catch one or two circling around above the tall office buildings but they never did a thing but circle.  The city did a pretty good job of cleaning up after itself when something died.

November 11th changed everything.  The city of Kingsboro, a large metropolis of life, wouldn’t but knocked to its knees it would be destroyed by the very people that used to live in it.  The city known for its Indian casinos, sports stadiums and medical research firms would be left to rot while the rest of the world ran from it.  It began in a small research facility.  Rising from the epic center of the event the undead multiplied at an overwhelming rate.  They took over the small research firm within hours.  The doors of the firm were locked down but the windows were not.  The undead threw themselves out the windows and wandered outward toward the city.  An unsuspecting delivery man was the next victim while also leaving the gate to the compound open.  In the next 24 hours the population of the city shrank as people fled the city.  The undead population grew until only the unfortunate were left.  The city itself, the office buildings and local restaurants contained only 25% of the city population but the casualties were high.  Nearly 5,000 people lost their lives and another several hundred were trapped and hiding.

Two years later the city is surrounded by two 8 foot razor-wire fences and guards posted at every entrance.  Staked every 20  feet is a remote controlled machine gun that can cut a man in half in a second.  It took the federal government 2 weeks to build and guard the fence around the city of Kingsboro.  An amazing feat of muscle from a government known to delay everything.  While the fence went up the remaining residents outside the city pulled all night vigils to keep the undead within the proposed border and away from the rest of the city.  All that time residents were fighting for their lives as undead residents fought to take their life.

The city counsel split the city in two naming the fenced-in part of the city New Kingsboro.  Due to chaos in other parts of the country Kingsboro and its new neighbor were left to fend for itself and developed new rules to take advantage of less space and more crime.  New Kingsboro became a prison and habitat for the unwanted residents.  Deputized and updeputized crews of men patrolled the city for undesirables and threw them into the gates of New Kingsboro. Any sort of advances in human rights disappeared.  Thousands of people dealing with the pain of losing whole family’s took it out on those that fell too the bottom rungs of society.

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