The banging eventually stopped when the zombies outside finally realized that a midmight snack was not going to be easy to gobble up.  Kali sat quietly against the cold aluminun garage door while Erik snored loudly in the corner next to her.  She was sure several of the nasal fits from Erik would of alerted the zombies outside but they didn’t.  The zombie nurse lay in the center of the garage the moonlight lit her face in an earie glow so that it looked as if her glazed over eyes were peering right at Kali.  At this point though, she was too frightened to move.  As bad, as her parents had been she missed them terribly.  The constant battles with the law, the excitement of the next big scam.  It was a life that left little time for reflection and Kali was often the one that was left to move quickly without thinking.  She being the youngest of the family she was told last and at the very worst moment.  She knew how to deal with a crisis and this one was no different. 

The last thing her parents choose to do was the most exciting of all the things they had done in the past.  They stole a small stone from a house on Mccain Rd, in downtown Kingsboro.  Apparently, it was the very thing that started the problem with the zombies.  From what she was told the stone had mystical properties it could create life or destroy it apparently.  The story, as told by her late sister was that a soldier found the stone in Iraq.  When he returned from Iraq he found his wife had been murdered only two hours before he arrived back in the city.  He took the stone with him to the viewing of the body and woke her from the dead.  After that the infection spread through the morgue then the hospital around it.  The rumors stated it was a research mistake but they were wrong. 

Outside, Kali suddenly heard movement.  This was not the shuffle-shuffle of zombies.  It was a single individual with quiet steps.

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