I met God the other day.  He was sitting on a steel park bench marvelling about the craftsmanship of such a simple, overlooked chair.  God was about 5’ 7” and kind of looked like me.  He had a kind face and a welcoming smile when I walked up to him.  “No autographs, please,” he said then laughed.  I sat down, braver then I had always believed I was, and asked him a question.  “Why haven’t you done anything about humans killing humans and humans destroying the world?”
God smiled, a large, near laughter-sized smile, and then said.  “Son, this is a resilient world constructed by my hands.  Every tree that crumbles, every man that falls serves a purpose before and after death.”  God stood and pointed at a small rodent scurrying by.  “This mouse is going to die a miserable death in just one hour.  Eaten by a cat but you think the world is only about you.  The world has been around for a long time.  It takes care of itself.  I do not do anything for the mouse, eaten by the cat or the cow eaten by man.  It is the natural course of life.  The world is my creation not man, mouse, or cow.”
God then smiled again, waved goodbye and left me to think alone on the steel park bench.

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