This situation was perfect.  Erik stood with a bootful of zombie blood below him, more zombies strolling in and a crying kid in a locked car.  His plan to end his life quickly and violently disappeared with every second he spent rescuing this kid.

“Just my typical screwed up life-story,” he said to himself as he stepped from the broken zombie’s body and tried to stomp some of the blood off his boot.

Kali watched from inside the car as Erik stomped the ground.  A crowd of zombies appeared miraculously from around the cars stuck on the street.  They began to march toward Erik but he was too distracted to notice.  She had to warn him so she began banging on the passenger window.  Erik looked at her then behind him and noticed the gang of the dead gaining on him quickly.

“Unlock the door,” Erik screamed, in a panic.  “I can’t,” Kali screamed back as she tried to open the back door.

“Crap,” Erik unlocked the front door by reaching into the door and pulling open the door handle.  He attempted to unlock Kali’s door but couldn’t reach it.  He then climbed into the front seat and closed the passenger door behind him.  The zombies hit the door hard as they desperately tried to reach him.  They clustered around the busted passenger window which made grabbing Erik difficult.  As the hungry fingers clawed at him he realized Kali and he had an opportunity to run out the other side of the Prius.  They likely had only a few seconds but it would be enough to get into Erik’s Mustang and drive away.  He would have to plead with the guards to let her go free.

“Let’s go,” Erik shouted.  “Out this door.”  Kali crawled from the back seat to the front driver’s seat.  Erik scanned the escape route and found only two zombies had realized that they had easier access from the other side.  “We can take them,” Erik assured her but Kali wouldn’t move.  Her lightly tanned skin had paled to match the zombies outside.  She was also shaking like Erik had never seen anyone do before.  Outside the Prius several tall figures stood, arms outstretched.  Under the arms were attached a thin veil of skin from shoulder to waist.  The skin was littered with smaller bone-like features which patched the skin together like stained glass windows.  The figures stood among the zombies like suicidal heroes but they weren’t here to save anyone.  They began to throw the zombies around like children’s toys.  They quickly cleared a six-foot perimeter and waited till three more veiled creatures landed from above.  One of the three then ripped a zombie from the crowd, that surrounded them, and threw it to the ground.  A second wing creature placed both fists together then began to beat the zombie.  Erik and Kali watched the scene unfold astonished at the speed and strength of these new creatures.  They had forgotten about the crowd of zombies still struggling to reach them from the passenger-side window.  The commotion had lessened the amount attempting to get inside which allowed one zombie to reach in quite a bit farther and grab Erik by the arm.

“Shit,” Erik said as Kali began to scream.  Erik quickly freed his arm and covered her mouth but one of the winged creatures had heard her shorten cry and began to approach the Prius.  Luckily, a zombie breached the perimeter and distracted him.  “We have to get out of here,”  Eric said quietly.

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