“Damnit…damnit…,” Erik paced behind a large pick-up truck.  The baseball bat held tightly in his right hand.  Every time he walked near the truck hood he could see Kali crying.  She sat back against the rear passenger door watching as the blind zombie reached for her.  Erik felt the terror the small girl felt and the fear of dying a gruesome, painful death.  It frightened him.  He turned away and sat against the truck door.  He stared ahead into what used to be a bustling, mid-sized city.  Windows in 2-story houses were busted.  The zombies stumbled up and down the streets like warm-blooded human beings.  The memories of failure and bad luck flooded Erik’s head.  The disappointing look, in his ex-wife’s eyes, when he picked up that beer after 5 years sober.  His father, forever an alcoholic and the black sheep of the family, lying in the hospital dying from a poisoned liver.  All this lead up to now.  Erik’s end-of-days mission stood just 300 yards away but he couldn’t leave her.  Kali needed his help.

“Fine,” he told himself.

Erik tightened his grip on the bat and walked around the back of the truck.  He neared the Mustang’s passenger-side window and reached in for a beer.  He heard the slide-stomp of the first zombie approach as he grasp the can.  He slid out of the side window and stepped back and the zombie stood staring at him.  It’s jaw slacked, muscles tight against its face.  Erik drank the beer quickly then grabbed the bat with both hands.  He swung with everything and smashed the wooden bat into the zombie’s long face.  Its face shattered and it stumbled and fell.  High with adrenaline Erik squared up behind the next zombie.  It was half in the window groping for Kali.  Erik swung and left-ed both the zombies knees.  The zombie moaned, stopped for a moment, then continued using its arms.  It grasp the head-rest in front on Kali and pulled himself into the Prius.  Erik swore and began to run around the car but tripped over the brown-haired zombie he had killed earlier.  He hit the ground hard covering his face just before slamming it into the asphalt.  He stood moments later bloodied but ok.  He ran around the Prius, grabbed the bat, which had rolled under the back bumper and checked to see if the Kali was still alive.  She was wedged against the seat and the back door.  “Heavens knows why she didn’t just get out,” Erik thought.  He attempted to open the door but it was locked.  He banged on the window and shouted but the little girl almost leapt into the zombies arms.  He tried the front passenger door but it was locked too.

“Unlock the door!” He shouted as he tried to open one door then the other.  He then stepped back and smashed the passenger-side window causing Kali to scream.  He quickly unlocked the door and opened it.  He then grabbed the zombie and yanked it from the car.  The zombie fought back clawing at Erik’s arms and grabbing hold of his ankle.  Erik lifted his foot then drilled down onto the zombies skull.  The zombie fought but made a fatal mistake when it tried to bite Erik’s large leather work boot.  The crunch from the broken jaw and neck chilled Eric to the bone let alone what it did to Kali being the zombie used to be her father.

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