Kali laid shaking in the back seat of her family’s red Prius.  The interior was covered in blood and horror but it seemed to be the only safe place.  The heat of the sun was magnified through the glass surrounding her but if they didn’t know she was in the car they left her alone.  Kali watched as the red Mustang convertible shot toward her quickly, occasionally wandering left till the driver corrected it.  She didn’t think it was going to stop and was frozen with fear till it slowed then stopped.  The driver, a gruff old man with a short, unkept beard, stared at her but Kali really didn’t think he saw her.

Kali’s trip into Kingboro was no suicide and definitely no vacation.  It was going to be an escape but turned into a disaster.  Her father and mother were criminals and the law was knocking on the back door.  They left through the front door.  With no where to go Kali, her younger sister Alison, and her mother and father headed to Kingboro.  The guards tried to stop them but never fired a shot.  Once inside Kingsboro no one was going to follow.  Within a day, her family had began turning one at a time.  Her father, bitten when trying to steal food from a house.  He left the car, on his own.  He died soon after and then wondered off a zombie.  Her sister turned next after ingesting some food given to her by their father.  She turned while they slept, bit Kali’s mother, then went after her.  By some miracle Kali survived while forcing her sister from the car then watched her mother leave out the passenger door before she could turn.  Kali watched as her mother grabbed the deer, mid jump, like a skilled predator.  She slammed into onto the hood of the Mustang then began to eat it.  Kali watched as Erik broke her mother’s neck with the bat but terrified she still stayed quiet.  Erik seemed to be a crazed killer willing to kill a small 8 year old with his gnarled hands.   When the deer leapt from the hood and into Erik Kali screamed.  It was a small scream  and scream of surprise.  She didn’t think anyone heard that one but minutes later when her father stared.  That hollow pale good eye tore the scream from her.  The terror from the last 2 days crawled up from her chest and she let loose.  Her father paused and Erik scrambled away.  Erik disappeared behind a large truck parked near the other side of Michigan Avenue.  Kali’s father, as if the thought of her had passed, began beating on the driver’s side window.  With the velocity of the fisted throws he would bust the window shortly.

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