The deer stood above Erik, its guts dangling over him like a chandelier in an expensive house.  Its blood poured over Erik’s T-shirt and jeans.  It bayed, took a heavy breath, then walked slowly over him.  Erik laid staring upward at the blue, empty sky.  His beer buzz was gone and so was all the bravado he had built up.  He was second-guessing this whole zombie suicide affair.  Problem was he was in a deep load of crap now.  A zombie, that had been hiding behind a car above his head, grabbed the deer and bit into the softer flesh just behind its ears.  A second zombie appeared near Erik’s legs and Erik managed to move them before the zombie grabbed them.  Erik scuttled back against the passenger door of the Red Prius.  The zombie, that had tried to grab him, stumbled forward toward Erik.  It’s face was mangled and bruised like it has been pummelled by a bat.  Within the one eye, that was not swollen, Erik noticed that it was white.  The zombie was blind and Erik took full advantage of that.  He quietly moved toward the rear wheel of the Prius while the zombie stepped forward and groped for him.  He watched as the zombie searched with his hands.  Erik’s heart beat loudly and his breath was shallow.  Fear rippled through him.  Being this close to death was not as satisfying as he initially thought.  What he really needed was a little whiskey and Coke to calm his nerves.

Erik jumped when he heard the noise.  It was the stomp..slide of another zombie approaching from behind the Prius.  He had to stand and run but that would alert the zombie that stood only a foot from him.  “Could he crawl away?  Possibly,” he thought as he slowly moved to his knees.  When he was in a squat position and about to fall to his knees a little girl screamed from within the Prius.  That small scream surprised Erik and the hungry zombie beside him.  Erik stood motionless, afraid to make the slightest gesture, but the zombie straightened up and paused for a minute.  It then began to slam its big, meaty hands against the glass on the Prius.  The screaming continued and Erik knew he had to move now.  He stood and ran.  He headed straight for his baseball bat lying in the road and turned around.  The zombie had busted the glass protecting a small blond-headed girl in the back seat of the Prius.

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