It was like a thundercloud of birds 30 to 60 feet above his head.  Sara said there were a couple birds when she stepped from her car only a few minutes ago.   Now hundreds of birds fought above the tall peaks of the old funeral home.  The birds tore into each other like starved predators.  Feathers, wings and innards falling over the roof and on the ground.  The spectacle distracted Erik and the young man stood slowly from behind him.
“Get out of here!!”  The young man screamed then lunged forward.  Erik struck him hard sending him stumbling backward.  “You don’t know what your doing?  You need to hide.”

“Don’t know what your talking about, kid.  You need to settle down.”  Erik stood over him.  “You tackle my wife again and I will kill you.”

The young man sat in the grass as the birds above fought loudly.  He began to cry.

“Dude,” Erik said with some compassion.  “You know what’s going on, don’t you?”

The young man balled loudly, then added,” it was my fault…all my fault…”

Sara screamed and both men looked quickly.  Several birds in various states of injury had fallen around all of them.  The ones that could fight tore into everything they could.  A pair or pigeons fought with the loose folds of Sara’s long pants.

“We have to get inside,” said Erik as he grabbed Sara and pulled her toward the door.  The pigeons quickly  forgot about Sara’s pant leg and fought with each other.  “Get inside.”

Sara hesitated.  She looked toward the young man staring sadly from the grass.  The birds fought around him but he didn’t move.  “Stop him,” she demanded.  Erik knew he had to try to save him.  The birds littered the side-walk fighting viciously.  Any sane man would leave the poor sap and save his love but sanity was never Erik’s strong point around Sara.  HOW DOES HE SAVE HIM?

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