Ewww!  Growl! 

I am shorter then the average tree.  I stare at the evergreen and the maple and wonder what makes them so tall.  My lowly stature starving below these monsters.  What to I have to give with my tiny shadow length but fruit? 

The humans, smaller then I, stand under my branches at pick at the fruit.  It doesn’t hurt.  I look at it as a way to pacify the strange warriors.  They chop at all the other trees.  They cut them to pieces and carry the pieces away but I stand here year after year.  I feed them with my bulbous fruit so they will leave me alone.

In the winter, as I sleep, they trim away the dead branches and the extra weight.  Its horrible pain but the attention gives me great pleasure.  I am important unlike those other trees.  They seem to be a nucence at times, except for when something hangs from one of the branches. 

My branches are far too weak to hang from. 

I guess I’m not so bad…

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