“Annabelle, we grow weary of your games,” the tall, dark orator says as he stands above her.  Ann sits in a hard wooden chair with built in leather restraints.  The leather is treated with human blood which prevents her from escaping. “She is not going to tell us where she took them.”  A thin, malnourished vampire stands just behind the orator.  “We need a heathy sample of blood to renourish our fallen.” “I understand that, Jeremiah,” said the orator.  “We cannot wait here forever and die.””The human blood will seep into the beast inside her and drive her into a frenzy.  We have only to wait till that happens.  She will take us to them.”  “I will not continue to be like you,” Ann spat upon the orator.  He slapped her hard with the back of his hand.  She took the blow then struggled to free herself.  “Enough of this,” another voice erupted from behind the two vampires.  Bartow stood in the dark entryway.  He stepped slowly into the room.  “She took them out of the city.”  “We cannot go outside the city, your Highness,” stated the malnourished Jeremiah.  “We are going to have to start.”  “What about the treaty?”  The orator asked.  “We are going to have to risk it if we are going to survive as a race.”

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