The vampires walked, in their smooth methodical way, over the steel floors of the sewer.  Bartow was in the lead followed by the orator, and a couple younger ones.  Newly converted Maggie, a 9 year old beast of a creature held on to Anna as she trailed behind. 

“Why had she let Chris and his companion go?” 

She really had no answers.  She understood the anger coming from the others.  They were all suffering.  Before the crisis above the vampires could get away with taking a street walker or runaway.  Now all the humans were infected.  No one dared try to siphon the blood from the walking dead.  The side effects were unknown.  Anna also struggled with strange feelings of wants and desires.  Feelings that she hadn’t felt in hundred’s of years.  What was it about Chris, the human, that made her risk her neck for him?

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