Excerpt from http://www.webook.com/project/The-Kingboro-Epic

(“Do we just leave everyone? We have patients still in rooms. We have staff we need to notify.”

“Well, we better start doing something…”

A muffled argument burst from the end of the hall. Suddenly glass burst outward from a glass door. Someone fell through it. Dr. Stein and Kerry ran toward the commotion. The victim, a man 30 years old wearing a dress shirt and pants, sat unmoving within the door. Dr. Kreese stood by his desk talking on the phone. )

 “Whatever,” said Dr. Kreese loudly, “your not the one that brought this company out of the trash heap.  No I’m not going to calm down.” 

The normally calm demenor of the current CEO was replaced by an angry slur. 

“Is he drunk?”  Kerry asked quietly. 

“I don’t know,” Dr. Stein replied. 

A woman screamed and the two men looked down the hall.  A large man dragged a woman from one of the office’s.  The beast of a man was muscular and naked-chested.  He pulled her by her long brunette curls. 

“Is that one of the patients?”  Kerry asked.

“I’ll assume so.”

Dr. Stein moved toward the large muscular man slowly, bravely.  The screaming woman noticed him approaching.

“Help me,” she shouted and Dr. Stein jumped.  He had become focused in thought.  The large muscular man looked toward him and growled.  The growl was frighteningly canine-like.  The man’s face and eyes were contorted showing large muscular mounds along his jawline.  His neck was thick as an old Oak tree and his arms were the large branches.  He continued to drag the woman out of the doorway as he growled. 

The woman, who Dr. Stein now recognized as Rebecca Dilley, struggled.  She pleaded with Dr. Stein to help her but he hadn’t a clue of what to do to accomplish that.  The large muscular man seemed primal.  It was doubtful he would even understand language. 

Kerry stepped up from behind him and shouted, “Hey, dumbass…let go of the girl.” 

The large muscular man growled loudly and dropped the woman.  He then, within seconds, grasp Kerry by the throat and twisted.  Kerry’s neck broke easily and he became limp.  The muscular man threw Kerry down the hallway and into the wall at the end.  He looked down at the woman but Dr. Stein had managed to assist her up and out of the way.  They both stood in front of Dr Kreese’s office.  Blood from the man in the door pooled on the floor making it slick.  The large muscular man growled again and approached slowly.

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