Snippets for the Kingsboro Press

“The storm hit us from nowhere,” said the wet and beaten mayor of Kingboro. “We’ve got helicopters circling the city looking for survivors and 60% of the city is destroyed. Luckily, for us we live nowhere near a water source and we only suffered minimal flood damage,” Mayor Jackson Black stated yesterday.
“The aftermath left us without power, it was quiet. It was shocking to see, what you could only image on TV, happen to you. The debris was everywhere there were destroyed cars and trees, all the wires had been pulled down. I saw our city destroyed and we responded as best we could,” said Chief of Police Erik Glass.

Jan, a survivor, states, “I rode out the storm I couldn’t stand waiting in line in my car.  I didn’t expect it to be so bad but I survived.  I had previously stocked up on non-perishableables and water.  I filled my tub with water to flush my toilets and sat in the inner most room and waited.    I got up when it was over found that a large Oak crashed through the front of my house.  I found the electricity and cell towers out.  It was an eerie silence without cars rolling over the dirt roads beside my house.”

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