The wooden attic hatch shook violently.  Andrea clung to Derrick as both pressed against the far wall.  The light from the hallway peeked from the banging hatch causing a nerve-wracked Andrea to scream incessantly.  Dr. Stein stood silently staring out the small attic window.  The street below was covered with stumbling undead zombies.  Many were missing arms and other parts necessary for life, but of course these monsters didn’t need anything but a brain. 

The brain was an interesting puzzle, Dr. Stein thought as he stared down upon them.  He wondered how the body operated without the fluids pumping through it.  The brain had to have some electrical connection, but from where?  Modern medicine managed to keep humans alive long after the body had given up.  We, the medical community, had been able to keep the brain alive when all our training told us the patient was dead from ears down. 

How had KMR managed to create an electrical generator to keep the brains of these zombie’s alive?  If you think about it would be a logical progression of our bioelectrical evolution.  It would likely involve a small device attached to the spine that fed electricity to the brain. 

I need to get my hands on one of those zombies.  I need to know how they did it?

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