I’m so upset that Heroes is not on right now….!!!

Anyways…I wanted to write about a curious section on my book.  Originally it was in a prison but I am going to rewrite the whole thing…

Derrick moved passed the large double doors into the experimental labs.  A brightly lit hallway sat in front of him with doors on either side.  Derrick stepped forward looking for room 10.  Frightened by the threat from Edgar he kept his eyes forward and did not look into the small windows in each door.  He could hear feet shuffling within the rooms but nothing to indicate that men were being tortured.

“I don’t know where Andrea can get that idea,” Derrick said to him self.  “This is a professional business enviroment…”

Derrick really didn’t believe much of the bull coming from his head.  He just knew he needed this job and should do what he was told…

Room 10 stood to his left.  Derrick turned and looked into the small window.  The room was larger then he had expected.  Six rows of tables sat within it with men sitting upon benches beside the tables like Macy’s maniquins.  A computer terminal stood, centered, at the end of the room.  A large male nurse, in a white apron, stood beside the terminal talking to a curly haired doctor in a blue hospital coat.

Derrick opened the room door and it made a loud click.  The men sitting at the tables turned their heads at once causing Derrick to step back against the room wall.  The frightening unison of it all.  The unnatural disipline was unnerving.  Derrick walked as close to the wall as he could, all the while feeling each and every one of the men staring at him.  He quickened his pace and managed to make it to the terminal.  The nurse in the apron laughed and introduced himself as Nurse Aaron Rogers.  He had an strong handshake and a smile.

How can anyone smile in a freakfilled room like this, Derrick thought and he looked ahead at the men.  They had stopped staring at him and were staring at the white wall to the right of him.  The kitchen, a simple stove, refrigerator and sink within a recess in the wall, stood behind him.

“The computer stopped working,” Aaron said pointing toward a black screen.

“Let me see what I can do,” Derrick said bravely.  The curly-haired doctor nodded and left for the entrance.  Aaron stood behind Derrick.

Derrick stepped forward, and looked at the men sitting behind the tables again.  Something he hadn’t noticed before struck him.  The men were restrained by chains.  Each one was connected at the left ankle by an iron cuff then a short chain to the next man’s left ankle.  A lump grew large within Derrick’s throat and he swallowed hard.  He squated and pulled the computer from the small wooden stand it sat in.  He checked all the connections and found they were all secure.

“Where is this connected to?”  Derrick asked.

“In front,” Aaron said pointing to the front of the wooden stand.  Derrick walked to the front and squated again.  He tugged on the connection and found that it was loose.  He pushed it in and heard the computer boot up.

“Thank God,” Aaron said from behind the stand.  Derrick stood and turned toward the men sitting at the tables and instantly noticed half a dozen staring at him hungrily.  Why only 6?  He wondered but walked quickly around the stand and checked the terminal.  It seemed to be working fine.  He looked up and the same 6 continued to stare.

His legs began to jelly and he had to leave soon before he became a mass of jellied skin.  Aaron seemed happy with the performance of his terminal but wouldn’t allow Derrick to leave.  He looked up at the men sitting and clapped his hands together.  The men stood at once creating a large elongated snap then began to file from the room toward and exit in the far rear corner.

“You can leave once they do,” Aaron told him sternly.

Once the last man left the room Derrick walked quickly toward the door and exited.  He waked with vigor toward the hallway exit and stepped out.  He took a huge breath and fell to his knees.

“What the fuck was that?”  He said not usually swearing but couldn’t hold back.  “This is not a normal job.  I need to get out of here.”

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