120 people stand in line to enter the Company. They file in at 8:00 on Monday morning. Single out the four but include a few more.  They walk into the Company and perform their duties as they normally would on Monday morning.  The nurses care for the patients, the doctors work in their offices and the maint. crews sweep the floors.

Today is going to be different though…work in this town is going to come to a halt.  From the dark and unknown section of the Company a door will be open, on accident, and the patients will slip out.  The patients being zombies.  The first zombies are supposed to be super soldiers.  Super strong former Marines.  The purpose is kinda like this…if you kill us we will rise up and stomp your ass…  As these super soldiers feed on innocent victims these victims turn into zombies and so on and so on…

Within the next two days the super soldiers tear up the company and create about 100 new zombies, this includes the patients dumb enough to step from their cells.  After this the four along with however many make it out of the company alive find the exit and leave.  They find it is getting dark and they run to the rolling fence at the end of the parking lot.

“What the hell are we going to do?”  Asks someone.

Dr. Stein volunteers his car and they smash through the gate with it.  Before they can drive to safety another paniced driver smashes their car into a power pole.

With no where to run the four begin to run with the zombies following slowly after.  They find the town almost abandoned due to a voluntary evacuation.  They didn’t believe that man-eating zombies could be attacking a town.  They run about a mile ahead of the zombies.  That’s where they find the old farm house.  They find that they are joined by the man that ran them off the road, his car had died and several others.  They plot a defense but cannot find any guns.  They decide to hide…It’s about the only thing they can do.  The majority opinion is to go downstairs but Derrick and couple others decide to go upstairs…for some unknown reason Derrick is the only one the pick the attic…I don’t know if there is a conflict or what but he is the only one up there.  Maybe he is the only one small enough to fit in the door.

Late that night the zombies find the home and beat on it and beat on it.  Early in the morning they break through and begin to invade the house.  They bust through the basement door first and kill everyone in there then begin upstairs.  They go room by room finding everyone that looks delicious and eating them…Derrick is above them in the attic and hears it all.  He hears Nancy being eaten then hears Andrea but she is not screaming…She is looking for him.  I would like her to be a zombie but I would also like her to be a love interest.

Derrick and Andrea escape the house through the window in the attic…Standing outside on the roof they notice men fighting through the mass of zombies.  These men are muscular and very strong.  They swing wood, metal, shoot guns and anything that will make the zombies go down.  They clear a path to the house and rescue Derrick and Andrea… Andrea finds that she knows the leader of the pack because he drives the city bus.  All these men are functional experments with one blind eye.  The expermental drugs forced them to lose the site in the eye.  After being saved they make there way to Kingsboro prison.  With the help of the remaining pack they clear the prison and plot an overall plan of attack for these zombies…

That’s when Derrick see’s the snow and finds hope for the future…or at least an escape up north….

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