Let’s see…
Walking into the house–
…The door creaked open as Dr. Stein stepped into the dark house. He was cautious because of what happened at the Company. So many times he was caught off guard by those zombies. He was almost eaten three, no four times. Once was too much to consider but four times. Derrick, Nancy, and Andrea followed close behind.
“Do you really think this is going to do us any good?” Nancy asked in a nervous tone.
“It’s either hide in hear and have a slight chance they won’t know or wander around the streets with them following us,” Derrick replied.
“I don’t like either choice,” Nancy said.
“Do we want to go upstairs or down?” Derrick asked to anyone that wanted to answer.
“I think we will be safer downstairs,” said Andrea as she stood in the doorway staring out into the incoming darkness. “I don’t like how we can’t see them coming in the dark.
“You need to close the door,” Nancy insisted, her nerves unraveling. “I want to know where they are,” Andrea snapped, her nerves not 100% either.
“We all need to find a place to hide for the night,” said Dr. Stein. He was level headed on the outside but his insides were melting quickly. 

“I’m going upstairs,” Derrick said as he began toward the stairs. 

“Don’t you think we should lock ourselves in the basement?”  Andrea asked but implied with her fallen brow that Derrick should go downstairs. 

“I think it’s safer upstairs.” 

“No, Derrick– go downstairs,” Andrea pleaded. 

“Think about it,” Derrick began, “We lock ourselves downstairs in the dark.  The only entrance and exit is in the hallway, or where ever it is.  The zombies are going to smell us and know we are down stairs.  They are going to work and work on that one door till they break it down.  Once they break it down, what are we going to do?  Fight them off.  I don’t think I’ll be staying downstairs.  I’d rather be upstairs where there are windows I can jump to my death from.” 

Dr. Stein stepped from the kitchen.  “I found the door to the basement.  It’s a solid door and we can barracade it from behind.  I’m hoping there is no celler that will allow them an entrance from there too.  There should be food rations down there that we can live off of for a week or so.” 

Derrick smiled slightly, uncomfortably, “What world do you live in Dr. Stein?  Food rations in the basement.  This isn’t World War II.  I am going to barracade myself in a upstairs room, or maybe the attic.  I think I’ll have better luck.” 

“You do what you want Derrick,” Dr. Stein said, with disappointment, “Whoever wants to hide in the basement can come with me.” 

“Don’t go up there, Derrick,” Andrea pleaded. 

“You should come with me,” said Derrick, “I will need some company.”  He then smiled and left to find the stairs without looking back. 

Andrea, Nancy and Dr. Stein disappeared into the kitchen.

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