Let’s see…I’d like to freeze the zombies. You figure the cold weather will effect them like they effect us. The tissue will eventually freeze and slow the zombie. Of course, it’s undead and has no working nerves. (It could have nerves too..an awful pain that would make them scream all the time. I think this is a good plan.) Anyways, the tissue would freeze and eventually the zombie would stop. This would give the survivors time to move. Likely, up north.

…Derrick walked slowly across the steel mesh floor of his new home. The cells were still littered with decimated zombie bodies. Most had been decapitated by some method, shotgun. beaten till it fell off and a couple had been sheared off with long shanks created by the prisoners not killed off.
Derrick passed a set of windows to the world outside. He almost didn’t notice the tiny flakes of snow falling outside the window. Derrick stopped and backed up. He stared out the thick bar-ridden glass to the yard below. Zombie prisoners milled around the yard, most had torn clothes and large open wounds. Hope began to refill the empty chasm that was his gut. He realized that the zombies could be susceptible to the cold just like him. They had tissue, some still had blood slowly pumping through an undead heart.
“How long,” he thought.
It really depended on how cold it got ,which in Michigan was unpredictable.  The hope dipped slightly but at least there was hope.

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