Chased from the grounds of Kingsboro Research and Development the group stands outside the locked gate.

“What just happened here?”  said Nancy as she stared back through the steel mesh.  Several super-strong zombie beasts milled around behind it.  The blue door that the group planned on entering was busted and hanging from the top most hinge.

“I don’t know…just know there’s some bullcrap going on,” said Derrick scratching his head.

“This job was going to save me!!”  Nancy screamed.  “This goddamn sham of a job.”

“I don’t think the job was a sham, Nancy” Dr. Stein said, “I think we were suppose to have a job but experiments got outta had.  Personally I’m glad I don’t work there.”

“You don’t want to participate in human experiments,” Derrick said with mock-shock.

“No, not interested.”

“What are those beasts doing?”  Derrick asked as he watched them.  “Shouldn’t we call the police or something?”

“Andrea’s on the phone with them right now,” Dr. Stein said.

Andrea was leaning against the fence, her right foot pressed against the fence and her left on the ground.  Her red pump sat on its side on the ground.

She was very beautiful, Derrick thought as he watched her.  She seemed very relaxed and not too worried that zombie-things walked only a few feet from her.

Only a few feet from her, he thought then screamed at her.  “Andrea get off the fence.”  Andrea turned her head to the right and screamed.  The zombie stumbled toward her, its face stiffened like it had taken too many Botox shots.  It moved it’s mouth up and down but wasn’t able to open it too much.  She stepped forward leaving her right heel near the fence.  The zombie rushed forward and fell at the fence.  The fence stopped several inches from the ground.  With his hand under the fence he quickly grabbed at anything he could which included fistfuls of dirt, grass and her red pump.

“My pump!  My pump!”  Andrea screamed.  “Those are expensive.”  She grabbed the pump and yanked it from the zombies grip.  She slid her foot back into it and stepped away.  The zombie stopped groping and tried to pull his hand from the fence.  His hand became stuck under the fence and within seconds it began to growl.  A gutteral, inhuman growl that immidiatly brought attention to his plight.

There were at least ten or twelve zombies in the vacinity and they began to stumble toward the fence.

“This can’t be good,” Derrick said.

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