Chapter 1 Addendum

“Hi, welcome the the Company,” said a small balding man in a quiet, almost bored tone.
“My name is Gary Minux and I am the Technology director. Come with me,” he said.
As Derrick began to follow the small man Dr. Rebecca San Mario stormed out of the conference room.
“You have some balls,” she shouted back into the room as she slammed her fist on the wall outside the room. She pushed past Gary and Derrick and disappeared down the hall.
“Hey,” Dr. Ruiz shouted from the doorway. “Don’t tell the director what I said.”
Derrick smiled and said, “Did you just come on to her?”
Dr. Ruiz glared at him. His face was pale.
“You are the man,” Derrick said as he laughed hard.
He repeated this several times as he began to follow Gary again.
“I wish I was just coming on to her,” Dr. Ruiz said quietly as the color returned to his face and his lips pursed. He then disappeared back into the conference room.

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