One of the woman screamed and instantly the group realized that their hope had been sucked from the room by a tall ‘man-beast’ standing outside the glass walls. The ‘man-beast’ was thin. The skin over his chest tightened every time it breathed in. It’s eyes were black and its nose missing. It’s mouth was large and full of long yellow teeth.
“What the hell are we going to do?” Said Doctor Ruiz as he slowly backed away from the door.
“Bar the door,” said Hoyt as he grabbed a bookshelf and pulled. The shelf full of books fell to the ground and the ‘man-beast’ growled. He wrapped a set of long fingers around the thin bar that served as the door handle.
Hoyt threw the shelf into the thin bars on the other side of the door. The ‘man-beast’ pulled the door hard and the shelf held.
“Grab another shelf!” Hoyt yelled.
Doctor Ruiz ran over to the same shelf and grabbed the higher shelf causing the books to fall over him. A couple larger books nearly missed his head but he didn’t care. He handed the shelf to Hoyt who looked at him and smiled.
The ‘man-beast’ growled loudly and wrapped his other hand around the other bar and pulled. The shelves bent and began to splinter.
“We need more wood!”
Doctor Ruiz ran over to the shelf but was beaten to the shelves by Doctor Adams. Doctor Adams pulled the lower shelf and tossed it to Hoyt. The ‘man-beast’ pulled on the doors and the tow pieces of wood continued to splinter. Hoyt attempted to slide the wood through the bars but the wood already in the door handles prevented him from sliding it in.
“We got to pull the doors back.”
Doctor Ruiz and Hoyt grabbed one door. Doctor Stein and Doctor Adams grabbed the other. The nurses stood toward the back of the office.
The men pulled the door but the ‘man-beast’ was strong. It was like pulling a large train forward. They had no chance to hold the doors close, let alone pull.
The wood cracked and splinters burst forward. The men held the door bravely and fought for footing on the tiled office floor.
Suddenly, from the left side of the hallway another ‘man-beast’ tackled the one pulling on the doors. The doors closed hard and the glass shattered. Several hundred shards of sharp glass cut into the men as they fell back. The ‘man-beast’ wrestled in a corner of the hallway. They tore at each other viciously.
“We have to run,” Doctor Adams shouted. He sprinted through the doors blood staining his coat in several places. The others followed him quickly. As the nurses passed the ‘man-beast’ stopped wrestling. The one that held the door lay on the floor, its flesh and ribs in pieces. The other jumped at the women and snatched the new nurse named Amy Wo. It killed her with a quick swipe of his hand across her neck. Nurse Alexander and Nurse Smith screamed and sped up. The ‘man-beast’ that lay on the floor stood slowly. It’s flesh and ribs dangling. Blood fell from his body and covered it in red. It began toward the women slowly then moved a little faster.
“Help us,” the woman screamed in unison.
The men ran ahead as quickly as they could.
“Down here!” Doctor Adams shouted as he jutted down a hallway to the right. The others followed.
The group ran through at least a mile of hallways. They searched desperately for an exit but found none.
“I’ve got to stop,” said Doctor Stein as he leaned against a hallway wall. Doctor Stein was the oldest of the group. Sweat traced lines down his strained face. The others slowed then stopped. They leaned against the hallway walls behind them.
“What do we do now?” Asked Nurse Smith, out of breath and slowly sliding down the wall to the floor.
“I don’t know,” Doctor Adams answered. “We have to find the exit.”
“I don’t understand why we can’t find the exit. It should of been around here,” said Nurse Smith.
“We were in a bit of a panic,” Doctor Adams began, “its always been kinda tough to find.”
Hoyt paced back and forth in the center of the hallway.
“Don’t they have signs pointing to the exit?” He said.
“Yea,” Nurse Alexander said, “They are green with white letters.”
“That’s right,” Doctor Stein confirmed as he stood from the wall.
“They were screwed into the wall just under the ceiling.”
The group searched the hallway for the exit signs. The walls were painted a blue tint. The tint was an neglected, industrial tone often seen on battleships. They walked back toward the Administration hallway cautiously. The hallways were quiet as usual, no sign of the ‘man-beast’. The signs were posted just under the ceiling and screwed into the wall.
“Wait..wait,” said Nurse Smith as she stared at a lighter squared section of the wall.
“It looks like a sign used to be here,” she said.
“Your right, why would they take down the signs,” said Doctor Ruiz as he turned and looked up.
“Do you think they wanted us to become lost?” Asked Nurse Smith.
“If I recall right,” began Hoyt, “management talked about removing the signs incase the soldiers broke out of there holding cells.”
“…and you didn’t feel the need to tell us this,” she shouted.
“No,” Hoyt said confidently then added, “I didn’t know it would be important till we started running.”
“And while we were…” she began but was interrupted by shouting in the hallway in front of them.
Doctor Ruiz, Nurse Smith and Hoyt raced through the hallway and into the next. Doctor Adams, Stein and Nurse Alexander stood in front of a gray door.
“This is the exit,” said Doctor Stein, “I’m sure of it.”
“The problem is that it is locked,” said Doctor Adams.
“We’ll have to bust it open,” Hoyt said.
Strangely, he then pushed forward threw the men and began tugging on the door. He looked like a rat panicking in a small cage.
“This is got to open,” he said several times as the door resisted. The noise from the door reverberated loudly through the hallway.
The group never heard the grumbles or the heavy footsteps coming from the Administration hallway. The ‘man-beast’s’ walked slowly, strategically. One was on the left side one on the right of the hallway. They stalked their prey till they were just out of sight. The group stood around the door watching Hoyt. Doctor Adams, Stein, and Nurse Smith stood in a triangle formation toward the back. Nurse Alexander stood beside Hoyt but not to close. Doctor Ruiz stood on the other side of Hoyt. He was the first to see them approaching. They approached like hungry animals. They were upon the group within an instant. The ‘man-beast’ on the right grasp Nurse Alexander and began to drag her away. The ‘man-beast’ on the left grabbed Doctor Stein. The ‘man-beasts’ grip was light. It was the same beast that was tore up minutes before. Doctor Stein managed to pull himself free and then kicked the ‘man-beast’ in the chest. The ‘man-beast’ fell to the floor screaming. The other ‘man-beast’ stopped for several seconds, looked back then sprinted into the hallway with its prize.
“We have to rescue Nurse Alexander,” pleaded Nurse Smith.
“We can’t fight those things,” said Doctor Ruiz.
“We can’t leave her,” Nurse Smith begged as she began to cry.
“Lets go,” said Hoyt as he began to disappear into the hallway.
“What about this ‘man-beast’?” Doctor Adams said as he watched it struggling to stand up. When Doctor Stein kicked him it broke several of his showing ribs and seemed to of displaced its hip. It laid upon its back on the hallway floor.
He, Doctor Stein and Nurse Smith gave it a wide berth as they followed Hoyt and Doctor Ruiz.

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