Suddenly the rest of the group rushed past the office door. Doctor Adams rushed to the door and stepped out. The group quickly ran around the barrier of gurney and down the hall. They stopped at the director’s door and rushed in. Doctor Adams followed them down the hall and approached the director’s door. The group chattered loudly.

“Oh my god,” said one of the nurses.

“Why would he do this?” said someone, possibly Doctor Stein.

Doctor Adams opened the door and was instantly hit with the smell of gun powder. The group, including the three that stayed back, hovered around the director’s desk looking down.

“What’s going on?” Doctor Adams said.

“The director just shot himself in the head,” said Nurse Smith as she stood beside the desk.

“I heard the shot, ran to the room then Doctor Ruiz ran to get you guys. He was dead instantly,” she continued.
“It wasn’t like we all liked him,” inserted Hoyt as he walked from behind the desk and around the group.
“Come on, man,” complained Doctor Ruiz in his Mexican-tinted accent, “he was a man and he deserves a little respect. I think he has a wife and kids, don’t he?”
“A couple, I think,” Doctor Adams replied.
“What are we going to do?” Asked the Asian woman. She was around five-foot tall, dark hair and seemed to smile alot.
“I don’t mean to sound rude,” began Doctor Adams, “but what’s your name?”
“Amy Wo,” she said smiling wider.
“Amy, that’s my daughters name,” he added.
“We are going to have to call the police, I guess,” said Hoyt from near to office door.
“We can’t,” said Doctor Adams.
“Why’s that?” Hoyt asked but then began to press his face against the window.
“My god,” he said, “guys come here, quietly.”
The group, lead by Doctor Adams walked quietly to the glass wall at the front of the office. Doctor Adams looked out and was stunned.
Two men, in torn blue scrubs, had pulled Kerry Anderson from his room. They were beating him violently.
“We got to help him,” said Doctor Adams as he approached the office door.
“No, we can’t,” said Hoyt as he held him back.
“What do you mean, we can’t,” Doctor Adams shot back.
“Shhh, be quiet..,” Hoyt warned, “they can hear very well. We don’t want them coming over here.”
“Who the hell are you and why do you know so much,” Doctor Adams asked pointedly but in a quieter tone.
Hoyt ignored him and continued to watch the men beat on Kerry.
“We can’t just stand here,” Doctor Adams demanded. His voice rose slightly accenting his anger.
“You killed one before why can’t you go out there and kill another,” he asked.
Hoyt looked at Doctor Adams. His strong facial features had fallen from their confident former position. Hoyt’s eyes shifted quickly from straight ahead to outside into the hallway and back. Doctor Adams picked this up and looked out into the hall.
To his horror the two men had began to tear into Kerry’s body. Doctor Adams watched as the men swiped at Kerry’s chest easily opening up the tissue and then shoving it into their mouths. With the tissue in their mouths they twisted their heads like hungry dogs tearing the meat from the bones of their prey.
Doctor Adams coughed and turned. He pushed his way through the group and put his face into the trash can beside the directors desk.
Hoyt followed him and quickly stood beside him. He waited till Doctor Adams was finished and apologized.
“I am so sorry Doctor Adams,” he said, “I am just trying to save as many people as possible.”
“Trying to save as many people as possible,” Nurse Smith began as she stood in front of the desk.
“Are you some sort of FBI agent posing as a male nurse?” She asked not expecting the answer he gave her.
“I am an undercover agent. Been here six months investigating everything.”
“Really,” she said with a mixture of shock and awe.
Doctor Adams stood upright and wiped his mouth on his white coat.
“I’ve seen you in the hallway,” he said, “always working. You always had a place to be.”
“I’ve been all over this complex. I know just about everything.” He began to walk back to the door. The group split, like Moses to water, as he passed.
“I was about to report all my findings when I was busted by the director. He saw me snooping around in the 500 building around Section 3. He sent these ‘man-beasts’ at me.”
He pointed to the men eating Kerry Anderson outside in the hall.
“Where did these ‘man-beasts’ come from?” Asked Doctor Ruiz. Doctor Ruiz stood behind him watching the men outside.
“Created by Project New World as super soldiers. From what I understand these super soldiers purpose is not for world dominance like in the movies. They are created to cause as much damage as possible. Once killed they live on to destroy everything and everyone in their path. The only way to kill them is to destroy the brain. Of course the Pentegon’s great idea seems to of backfired like in the movies.”
“So what do we do now?” Doctor Adams asked.
“All we can do is wait and hope they don’t know we are here.”

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