Art update


Broken Stick Studio update

I will be adding updates from the art site. This year we are presenting a 3-part, year long “Legendary Text” campaign.

The Legendary Text campaign adds variety to the normal Broken shirts. Each 4 month period will contain a new word replacing “Broken”.

Jan. – May: “Legend”

May – Sept: “Freedom”

Sept – Dec: “Believe”

Spirit of Remeberance

So people seem to like the one without the face more then the one with the face. I have an issue with this design… I did not plan any background for it.

With the piece stalled… I may just post this @ as a T-shirt design. If I do, I may avoid the bearded one.

Another note.. I should paint a small mount at the feet.. ie like a sculptured figure.


So the writing has cooled and the art has taken over but my poor blog is still neglected. I’m sitting here in bed thinking I would love to do some of these things I enjoy. Drop the job and work on writing or art.

Speaking of jobs, I never finished the writing job. I’ve got nearly 3/4 more to complete on the novel. It’s still relevant. The ideas still there but I got stuck in an impossible position.

I shot one of my characters.. shot him. I busted the outline completely and the novel paid the price. You would think, just start over…

That’s so easy to say. I have started over so many times. Really, I just want to finish it but do I?

Do I really want to finish?


I have been so neglectful about my writing. Honestly, I think it’s because City of Zombies fell apart or continues to do so. It’s so much more difficult then I realized. I was thinking today that I need to just write again. Forget about the novel and just move forward.

Can I do that? Drop my characters that I worked so hard to build?

I don’t think writing stories with the characters in it counts. Sometimes you just need to leave for a while.

If I do this, what should I write? It’s got to be what I’m comfortable with, of course. Horror and a little intrigue. I have another novel idea but stop.. no.. short stories only.