Vampires, zombies and more

As children, the world is terrifying? Shadows in a dark corner, noises in the kitchen or the tall dark stranger that approaches you and your mother in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

As a child I had teraphobia, the fear of monsters. A condition prominent during childhood. The condition normally resolves itself in time. Imagine a world where this is an everyday occurrence. Not the fear of monster that are not there. The fear of the ones that are real and everyone knows they exist. There is no hiding.

  • Halloween Project 2021
  • Green’s Grocery
    Greens Grocery sat on the outskirts of a cluster of small villages in Waterloo township. An essential business supplying the township with canned goods, perishables and liquor. At least, that’s what Frank Green always assumed. Frank had, for forty years, thought of himself as an essential worker. If Frank ain’t working the township ain’t running.Continue reading “Green’s Grocery”
  • The split/the rift
    The street was wet and the air smelled like rain. It was the middle of the night and the residents of this small suburb were asleep. A small white orb floated in chaotic circles till settling above the suburban street. The orb sat motionless for several moments. Stretched downward in a vertical line, illuminating theContinue reading “The split/the rift”
  • The Ordinary world -part two
    Ken turned to address the spirit and found Caroline floating very close. Ken gasp and stepped back and fell into the company van. “You… gawd…” his voice shuddered. Caroline disappeared and reappeared in a moment father away. She waited. Ken composed himself and stood. He took in a breath and spoke. “Don’t”, he said. “I’mContinue reading “The Ordinary world -part two”
  • The Ordinary World
    A crowd stood staring at a grisly scene inside a meticulously manicured hospital hallway. Ken Davidson stood near the scene. He stared at the scene with a large duffel full of cleaning supplies and a dry mop. A large pool of congealed blood sat over the square tiled hospital floor and a large splattered patternContinue reading “The Ordinary World”
  • Teraphobia- Killing Barbara
    Featured Story Preface The stones fell from the sky. There was no storm, no burning trails in the sky. Nothing to prepare the world for the impact of three stones dropped by God. Each stone granted the user the ability to create life in exchange for a life. A cruel test for a human raceContinue reading “Teraphobia- Killing Barbara”
  • Teraphobia- Charlie
    The Southern Territory of Teraphobia contains swamplands, sweltering heat and a number of fish-like creatures. Life in the Southern Territory never recovered from the Great Invasion. Lucky enough, the undead infection stopped somewhere North but the creature invasion was unusually cruel in the territory. The fortitude of humanity lives huge in the movies, books andContinue reading “Teraphobia- Charlie”
  • Teraphobia – The part with Gary
    Erik sings parts of a song long past it’s prime. He recalled his life as the music flowed through his ears… but he brushed it away and swallowed the rest of the whiskey he found. “The world was different,” he thought as a zombie stumbled through the aisles of an abandoned grocery. “At least it’sContinue reading “Teraphobia – The part with Gary”