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As an artist, I like to take on the unusual. Most of my art is a twisted version of humans and other things. I’ve been working as a professional artist since 2016.
Side job – Programmer and Software Tester

Location: Mid-Michigan

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As a writer, I am a huge monster fan. A Stephen King fan. A epic fantasy adventure fan with some blood and guts. I’ve been writing a blog at for many, many years. I haven’t built the confidence to collect the work into a solid manuscript. I hope to change that.

The Coyote – part 2 redo

Mornings within the walled off, reclusive world are the worst part of an already fucked up life. The smell of decay mixed with body order, sprinkled with a constant moaning. The moaning was worse then the stench at times. A twisted symphony of pain expressed in guttural “Ohhhhs” all day and night. Tommy stared at […]

Coyote- Tommy

“No! I said don’t do that. What the hell!” Tommy stepped toward the woman as she attempted to sprint between two pair of outstretched arms. The eager arms trying to find lunch, which was the source of the screaming. Tommy winched as the zombie on the left grasp her ponytail. The woman’s face, joyful she had […]

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